Hello. I hope this post finds you all well?! I have been working really hard for the book release next month. It will be worth the wait I promise!

So as you're aware I'm a mother of 4 and busy writing a book. So I've been struggled a little with my nutrition these last few weeks. Well Jay Halford at the great Core Cheltenham sent me a 3 day juice / smoothie package. The lovely thing about this is that it's a mixture of juice and smoothies so you don't miss out on fibre. A juice smoothie fast can be a great way to rest the body, and help boost your immune system.

I must confess of course I've made my own juice and smoothies, but never bought more than one from a shop let alone 12 for 3 days. Call me a virgin if you will!

Well I was blown away. It came super chilled by post, and beautifully designed. Most importantly tasted amazing. Flavour combos I hadn't thought of.

I didn't do a strict 3 day cleanse  (juice / smoothies only). I am currently way too busy for that.

Here's some of the drinks I had

Juice Blood booster~ this was one of my favourites. Really fresh, tangy and sweet. The beetroot adds a real luxurious taste and texture.  The lime bites at the end with a sweet punch. Really rounded. I felt really nurtured and full from this juice.

Smoothie Calcium Kick~ this was blooming lurvely. Refreshing and filling. It contains; cucumber, celery, spinach, pear, ginger, apple, avocado and lime. All the ingredients really compliment each other and I would recommend this to any newbie!

So the first day I just had juices / smoothies. I felt a little hungry as to be expected but my energy levels were great. All the bottles are labelled with the day and time of when to drink so this makes it really simple.

I added the drinks to my usual daily routine, and considering quite how stupidly busy I've been I honestly felt great. I would recommend one of these packages to anyone moving house / having a baby / going through a stressful period as the perfect vitamin, energy injection.  I think people think cleanses have to be strict. It can be whatever you want! For me it was knowing at a time when I was too busy to prepare meals that I was still nurtured. Extremely nurtured!

The drinks all feel well considered. I know!! How unusual to actually be thought of by a food producer, to be at the heart of why they strive for perfection. There is a real passion from this company and it shows it their products.

An added bonus was without even trying I lost some weight! (3lbs)

The only negative about this package is trying to stop family and friends from stealing them!!

The Core Cheltenham 01242 224898

201 London Road

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire