LINES & CURRENT Jewellery / Headwear *Supporting Small Business*

I met Rebekah online. She is a vegan mum of 3.

We hit it off straight away. Her passion for “Lines & Current” is obvious. With an eye for chic minimalism, her sharp lines work effortlessly- show cased most obviously in her jewellery range.

I’m currently loving this necklace. 


Her Shop is full of the loveliest items .

Minimal jewellery. Quality headwear + Sunglasses. 



Rebekah designs her own eco friendly jewellery- which is handmade and made of recycled metals (check product write up for specifics). 



Ive been eyeing up the beanies for my sons. Made from a synthetic wool so perfect for vegans. 

10% of her profit goes to various charities - which I think is amazing!


It has started already - my 4 year old rocking MY stuff ..... 

Cotton-soft, multi-talented - your friend this season. HETTA. ONE SIZE but wear as a slouchy beanie, turban headband, neckcoil (5 ways at least!)

Please check out Lines + Current online 




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