HOMESCHOOL ADVENTURE somehow here I am at this page : I never imagined being vegan let alone trying out the adventure that will be homeschooling. 


Many things have brought us to this point - which aren’t necessarily mine to share with you. 

So for my one child I was running out of ideas of how I could be supportive. I felt like I was ignoring the cries. I have for the last few years been inquisitive towards this style of life and teaching. Finally after further learning, researching we are going to home school our youngest 3 children. 

This has been a scary and empowering time. I have cried through fear of messing up - but this act itself I know shows how hard I will work, to try and make this work…..

…It may not work! I’m fully prepared to put my hands up if it doesn’t work. We have been fortunate to have a great headteacher, and thoughtful inspirational teachers. Which I’d like to add I take my hat off to - how they teach 30 children is beyond amazing!

One method is not better than the other. I don’t believe that homeschooling is better than regular schooling. I do believe for us that this has been a calling for sometime. I’m not a person to sit with regrets. I’d rather try and possibly fail - than wonder, “what if??!”

 I’m not sure how our days will pan out. At the moment I’m wanting to find a tight routine for the mornings with Science, English & Maths being our base. The afternoons will be more guided by their questions and ideas. We will also have a topic - which will then cover lots of different things e.g. picking a Country - learning about weather, food, lifestyle, and environment. 


Thank goodness for the internet as I have already connected with lots of local groups and people. We plan to go to forest school regularly, swimming, music lessons and social meets. 

For me I have to start organising myself more. Which means meal plans and grocery deliveries - which I have enrolled the children to help with. They will also have a few more chores each. In time I’m sure they will help with this blog, and my Facebook page if they’d like.  

Basically lots of un knowns at the moment which is nerve wracking, and exciting at the same time.

The most important thing for me is to provide the best possible start for my children. I’m not sure how long we will homeschool, and this will be guided by them.  

— John Trainer

I am looking forward to spending more time with my Children. Helping them find their passions. Helping them spark ideas, and flourish into young adults.  


I will share more routines and useful resources in time. We are at the beginning of our journey. If you have any useful resources for us please message me. 


I will continue to share our daily journey on Instagram if that interests you. My Facebook page will continue to be mainly food related : but I do always share my latest blog posts there ❤️ 


Thank you. 


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