How to be Happier

Are you looking to feel more happiness? To be happier? Quite frankly who isn’t ? 

This post is dedicated to my Uncle.

I was thinking about what drives our desire to want more? To need the latest fad items or new fashion pieces. I think it goes back to our hunter gather ways (I’m totally sticking with this theory anyway).  We need to feel like we are providing and up with the times - apply where appropriate. I will share with you some tips on how to boost your life and happiness.

Dump the junk  

Ok so this a tidy your room moment. Get rid of what doesn’t serve you. Stuff that you don’t use or love❤️. You really don’t have space for this shit in your life. That dress that looked nice 10 years ago and now doesn’t fit .... well shocker it was YOU that looked amazing - not the dress : we don’t need stuff to make us better!!! Do you get the drift ? Clear out your house. Start a room at a time. Oh and don’t bin it, sell it, freecycle it, or donate it! It feels amazing .... just don’t fall into the trap of folding your socks into cute stackable shapes .... life is too short (yes that was me ..) !


Gretchen Rubin, author of “Happiness at Home” says -

Do any task that can be finished in one minute

  • Hang up a coat.
  • Read a letter and toss it.
  • Fill in a form.
  • Answer an email.
  • Jot down a citation.
  • Pick up phone messages.
  • File a paper.
  • Put a dish in the dishwasher.
  • Put away the magazines.

Incorporating the one-minute rule into your life will give you a boost of happiness.

Treasure the small things

The items you do love - be proud of. A stone you found on the beach, a photograph of your mother, showcase them. So every day you see them and smile.  Don't keep something for someone else.

Go for coffee with your mates - and drop the guilt *I should be working / cleaning / etc...* enjoy it! Grab moments wherever you can. A few mins sunbathing, a cuddle from a friend, a fresh loaf of bread. Do you get what I mean ? When we stop and take the time to really be grateful for the little moments suddenly our days are a lot brighter. It becomes habit. A good habit.

A friend shared a picture on instagram of her morning coffee. I was like - wow that's a bit over the top?! She had a slowly brewed fresh coffee, from beans she'd ground. Homemade chocolate she had lovingly made. Candles burning. Placed beautifully on a beautiful piece of tablecloth. The scene was well and truly set. I had missed the point. The point was to make a celebration out of the everyday. She had celebrated that moment, and felt and tasted every bit. Something I'm sure we could all do more of.

Tell your friend she looks beautiful today, message that old school friend asking how they are. Be kind. People who are the happiest, are happy because they choose to be. Choose happiness. Look for the positives in the negatives. Last year was a really tough year for me, and my family. Broken bones, surgery, cancer, death, making lunchboxes everyday.....huh> what's that last bit?? Lunchboxes???? Yes.... when you let negativity take control it effects everything. It can feel like groundhog day. Yet I made myself look for the positives. Life is short - seize the day. Love your body and be thankful for it carrying you. Too often we presume the big stuff will make us happy, a pay rise, an expensive holiday..... 

Life is not just about feeling good. Life is about being good at feeling
— Jon Juradini, a professor of psychiatry at University of Adelaide

Don’t sweat the crap that doesn’t matter

I’m not saying ignore your electric bill or any weird shit like that, but try and be mindful of stresses you really don’t need to involve yourself with. Stop yourself in a stressful moment, ask yourself is this important? Do I need to engage myself with this? Is that late night Facebook rant going to serve you? Learn when to give your energy. For years I used to beat myself up for having some me time. I used to go to a yoga class in the evening, leaving my husband with our young children. I spent nearly the whole class thinking *I should be at home, caring for my family .... cooking etc... NO NO NO 

Don’t feel this way, we all deserve US time, watching a football match down the pub, or having a massage. Do it !!  Do more of what makes you smile and de-stress.

Un-friend Primary School Sally

Bin relationships that don't serve you. That friend / lover that judges you, tells you you're no good. Yep sadly these people exist. Some people thrive off making others feel bad. Don't let it be you. Assess what helps you grow and what is necessary. This applies to social media too. Friends or accounts that make you feel crap need to go. Don't feel guilty - bin it. I regularly have a cull - and it feels great. Sometimes it's people I've met and like... you don't have to be in with everything they do and LIKE it. 

Love what ya got

This applies to so much. Your body, your wardrobe, your house, your partner, your children, your dinner...

It can seem sometimes like everyone has it better, or that you wish you had what they had. Do you ever scroll online shopping sites, and be like - oh wow I need that - that model looks amazing?! Notice in the next picture the same model looks amazing again. Q why do they look good to you? Is it their clothes, or maybe their smile? Okay so sometimes it really just is the item. But try not confuse what it is your trying to purchase. If it's the smile, get out and make some happy memories. They will last a lifetime..... unlike that shoulder padded, neon yellow blazer.

Write it down

Lists (fuck I have turned into my mother), write down what makes you happy. Then do more of it. SIMPLES.


Respect yourself

Respect yourself, and be proud of yourself. Know your strong points and pat yourself on the back for them. We live in a society that struggles with self loving. When we hold our heads high and speak with love for ourselves this is great, nothing to be anything, other than proud of. It can be really hard, but do it. 

Just last week a lovely company asked me to potentially help with a number of services. I actually laughed out loud at their desire to work with me. Even harder when they asked my day rate.... like who would work with me and pay me? Actually loads of people! I then took the time to re-evaluate and say yes to myself. YES I'm worthy. We so often see our flaws, or are too busy looking to the next qualification, job, house, etc.. that we forget to stop and see where we are now and how frigging ace that is.

Help others

Nothing quite beats the feeling of making someone else smile. Do more to help others, it really is a win win for everyone. 

Piss your pants

So try and refrain from the actual dribble of urine down your leg, but laugh! Follow Anna - Mamas_Scrapbook on instagram, a while back she shared a clip of herself laughing. Fake laughing. Proceeded by actual laughter... try it. It works. Watch stupid cat videos on youtube, hang with your hilarious buddy. Seek out the giggles. 

Organise yourself

Oh hell, it's all my school teachers ever used to say to me. Bugger me they may of been right. Find what is worrying you. Instead of thinking *ughhh stop thinking bad thoughts*, actually embrace them. Figure out their root. Is it a job you said you would do? - but are putting off. Or remembering to cancel that dentist appointment. What ever it is, do it, cancel it, or plan to do it. SORT IT YEAH! The relief you will feel from even the smallest of issues will be huge.

Hug a tree.....

Get out in nature. Ground yourself. Spending regular time outside helps improve mood, and has been scientifically proven to help relax the brain. If I'm feeling a bit low I take a good quality vitamin D tablet, and get outside as much as I can. 


Achieving targets we set for ourselves helps us feel good about ourselves.

Listen to your body

I really wanted to sing that song ... "listen to your heart". Anyway what I'm saying is listen to your body (heart). Nurture yourself with good food, exercise, good sleep and good sex. We all need it. Take a good probiotic - this will help your tummy brain health massively. Slow down when you need to. Have you ever been sick, and felt guilty for being ill? Crazy stuff hey?! Well I have. I should be doing this, that, blah, blah. What we actually need to say is, thank you to our bodies. Thanks for alerting us to slow down and rest. Thanks for this time to reflect and heal. It really is a powerful thing.  


Music really makes me happy. Music really can be a mood lifter. Take some time to make a playlist of your favourite music. The process it self will be fun. Then play it. 

One of my asboloute favourite songs ..... ever!!!


Time - what a bizarre thing we hold ourselves to. For most there isn’t really a way of getting away from it. But I ask you to use it wisely. We live in a time of stimulation. We must be stimulated always. Walking, we chat on our phones - missing the calls of nature. We sit in coffee shops missing the new friendships and smiles that could be ours. We surf the internet but miss the sea....

Please take time to hear the birds, feel the rain, and feel the slow tick of time pass - for just a moment. For soon - a blink of the eye, there won’t be this time.

What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.
No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.
No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.
A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
— William Henry Davies



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Thank you.