Tonight I needed a super fast dinner that would a) re-balance the naughties I ate, we all have those days right???!!! b) use up some of the seasonal veg from local veg patches, farms and shops c) totally yummy too of course 😘

So here it is like I said quick and simple.


Serves 2-4

1 leek

15 small tomatoes

1/2 an aubergine

1/2 a squash peeled

1 courgette

1 large sweet potato

Glug of good quality olive oil

Salt and pepper to season

1 TSP of vegetable bouillon stock diluted with half a small cup of boiling water


Put the oven on high, around 210°. Roughly chop all the veg thinly. So it all cooks well. Remembering we are starving and want to eat soon!

Place in a large oven proof dish. Lightly drizzle with oil then add watered stock and gently shake the mixture to coat in liquid. Season then place uncovered into the oven.

Place into the oven for around 45minutes.

At this point you can also put in some fresh salmon fillets sprinkled with herbs in the oven. They go very nicely together.

Half way through cooking give the veg a gentle shake.

Other serving ideas: Cooked Puy lentils. To be honest all of the above together is stunning. Throw on few spinach leaves and some balsamic glaze (wipes dribble off chin) and you're in heaven!!

Keep an eye on it as you want it slightly browned not black.

Serve and enjoy.

Sorry there is no picture of finished meal ate it straight away. It was lovely though :)